PenVC - 50VC

Pentagon USB 2.0 PenVC – 50V Ultra-Wide HD Webcam delivering ULTRA clear bright
video on USB 2.0. Built-in omnidirectional pickup, Mic,
noise suppressing algorithm with excellent sound. Video format includes H.264, H.265
and MJPEG encoding.

PenVC - 100VC

PenVC – 100VC, 4K ePTZ camera delivering ULTRA clear bright video on USB 3.0. The features include AI based auto focus
and ePTZ. Built-in omnidirectional pickup Mics, noise suppressing algorithm with excellent sound. Video format includes
H.264, MJPEG, YUY2 encoding.

PenVC - 100T

PenVC – 100T Education Intelligent Auto -tracking Camera is a dedicated intelligent auto-tracking camera. PenVC – 100T Camera is built-in with high speed processor,advanced image processing and analysis algorithms to track lecturers and students accurately and quickly, which is in line with the requirements of lecturer capture and remote interactive teaching. PenVC – 100T Education Intelligent Auto-tracking Camera adopts advanced ISP technologies and algorithms, to make a vivid image quality, screen brightness uniformity, strong sense of depth & high definition.

PenVC - 1000VC

1/2.7 inch 2.07 megapixel high quality HD CMOS 10x lens, smart and solid design. Fast and accurate focus performance with
H.264 video compression support. USB 2.0 high speed output. Compatible with the majority of videoconferencing software
(UVC 1.0 protocol standard), USB powered.

PenVC - 1500VC

PenVC-1500VC camera Support USB3.0 ultra-high-speed interface, can transfer uncompressed original video, and downward compatible with USB2.0. USB3.0, HDMI and LAN can output at the same time. The H.264/H.265 encoding support conference video camera enabling full HD 1080p/60fps video stream with ultra-low bandwidth

PenVC - 1600VC

The new generation of Sony 1/1.8-inch high-quality UHD CMOS sensor with a maximum of 8.42 million pixels can realize 4K (3840×2160) ultra-high-resolution images. And downward compatible with 1080p, 720p and other resolutions.
AI Tracking
With the help of the Al computing power of the chip, the monocular human shape tracking based on advanced Al algorithm, combined with convenient tracking settings, can be used in a variety of scenes such as education, conference and live broadcast to realize the intelligent guide function

PenVC - 1800VC

PenVC 1800VC is a 4K binocular tracking camera equipped with a 71° 12x optical zoom close-up camera and a 48 °/107 ° panoramic camera, Built-in advanced image recognization and tracking algorithm to achieve a smooth and natural tracking effect without any extra positioning camera or tracking host. Different lens are used to achieve teacher tracking or student tracking

PenVC - 2000VC

PenVC – 2000VC camera support USB 3.0 ultra high speed interface
can transfer uncompressed original video and downward compatible
with USB 2 0 USB 3 0 HDMI and LAN can output at the same time
The H 264 /H 265 encoding support conference video camera
enabling full HD 1080 p/ 60 fps video stream with ultra low bandwidth